Police/Community Advisory Committee (PCAC)

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Police/Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) is to be a positive force in assuring that the City of Salinas is where all citizens can live peacefully and achieve their social, economic and educational goals.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Police/Community Advisory Committee is to act as a conduit between the community and the Police Department to improve the quality of life by keeping the City Council and Police Chief informed and by engaging in projects that support and enhance the effectiveness of the Police Department.

The Police/Community Advisory Committee meets every 4th Wednesday of every month at 5 pm in the City Rotunda. The public is welcome to attend our meetings. Minutes and agendas can be found here.

PCAC members may be contacted via email at [email protected].

PCAC Members

Mayor’s Appointee – Yolanda Cervantes       

District 1 – MacGregor Eddy

District 2 – Rogelio Perez

District 3 – Lea Miller

District 4 – Leo De La Rosa

District 5 – Asya Guillory

District 6 – Gabriela Manzo